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Reda's is a San Diego based kitchen providing authentic Ethiopian vegan cuisine. Reda translated means "Hope"; this was our grandfather's name.Our core values are “Flavorful Taste, High Quality Ingredients & Creating Cherished Moments”.  Our recipes have been passed down from mother to daughter through the generations.  



Our family traveled to Sudan on foot in 1984 to escape the famine in Ethiopia. We have always had an intrinsic relationship with food. Whether it was facing food insecurity and having to create dishes like Shiro (consider the poor man’s meal) or celebrating life by absenting from meat, dairy, cheese and eggs for up to 55 days at a time; for holidays such as Fasika (lent).


With so many days of the year fasting, Ethiopia has been practicing veganism before it was even a thing. Our plan is to feed your soul and body through providing high quality dishes by using only the best ingredients and cooking from scratch.  Our dishes are not only tasty they pack an excellent level of protein and fiber, plus have high levels of important minerals such as iron, folate, phosphorous, zinc, as well as B vitamins.

We are looking forward to making you apart of our family and feeding your soul and body.



Reda’s values family and is dedicated in helping aid refugees. We are giving back by donating 7% of our profits to help aid refugees fleeing out of Ethiopia. The country has declared a state of emergency and thousands of refugees need your help. 



More than 7 million are in need of urgent food assistance and on the brink of starvation. Follow link below to make a donation to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) or share the link to bring awareness to this tragedy.

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